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Last Resort

Borgergade 2, 1300 København K

MAIL: info@lastresortgallery.com

TLF: +45 2088 7011

WEB: lastresortgallery.com

Onsdag - Fredag 12-17, Lørdag 11-15. Lukket hele juli


Zoe de Soumagnat

26.08.2017 - 07.10.2017


« This doctor says there are miracle drugs now to control the 'blues'. I said, oh if the blues go, what about blues music? He asked is the music worth the agony & he said life is more precious to retain than music, if a person is depressed her life is endangered & I said there must be a middle way & I would find that way. »

- Blonde, Joyce Carol Oates, published by HarperCollins in 2000


Notes and tears go over and under and over the flat colours again, the same way dreams and memories slip and mingle with reality. Yesterday, the party was good, but today coffee tastes bitter and the phone won't ring. Remains of faces are scattered amongst the colours, the stain on the tablecloth looks like a ridiculous twisted smiley. Suddenly, music comes back pulsing slowly in the ear. It's the day after blues and we have to laugh about it, as those big comic tears rolling upon the canvas.

The coloured shapes are brushed, calling for ruffles. They are intimate and sensual mediations, composed, overdrawn. Doodles can be seen through the transparency of the canvas, the paintings have several layers of reading and these compositions both reveal and conceal the painting process and the way an image appears. Drawings are heavily pronounced, almost ironically, while the surfaces of colours overlap quietly. Combining abstract painting's notions, visual signifiers and different ways of glazing, the paintings call for the everyday-life's feelings that shape the world.


The works for the exhibition has for a week been lost in transit in various random destinations around Europe, but arrived this afternoon in Copenhagen. This means that we finally dare to invite people for the opening and look much forward to show Zoe's wonderful work.

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