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David Risley Gallery

Bispevej 29, 2400 København NV

Onsdag - fredag kl. 12-17, lørdag kl. 12-15

Blow Your Own Trumpet

17.01.2017 -

Blow Your Trumpet is a sonic protest / psychic attack to coincide with the inauguration of the incoming President of the United States. You are invited to bring instruments, voices and anything that makes a noise to the gallery on Friday night. Jim Slade who organised the event has built a jet powered air raid siren and invited a band of miltary drummers. He will orchestrate the noise. All participants will recieve a copy of the poster designed by Jody Barton. 

The sonic protest will happen from 17.00 - 17.15 to coincide with the inauguration. We will welcome you from 16.00 to prepare and close at 18.00. There will be Merguez sausages on the grill and beer in the fridge.

You are encouraged to share this invitation and invite as many noise makers as you can.

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