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OK Corral

Rolighedsvej 9, 1958 Frederiksberg

MAIL: okcorralexhibit@gmail.com

TLF: +45 4162 1987

WEB: okcorral.dk

Onsdag - lørdag kl. 13-17

Black Sun

Ellen Schafer

28.05.2013 - 01.06.2013


About the Exhibition
Black Sun is a gallery-specific installation of independent yet complimentary works that respond to distinct characteristics of the space, while also acting as support elements for each other. The title work within the exhibition that lends it its name is loosely borrowed from Julia Kristeva's Black Sun, as an open meditation on the material life of 'things' and the potential for material objects to perform for the body in its absence, latent physical tensions and anxieties towards being bodily and momentarily enduring space. Fragments of glass, ice, clay and discarded plumbing pipes, form fragile and visually slight compositions that do more to emphasize the space than occupy it.

Similar to previous works, form has a fragile, at times finite relationship to construction and is often portrayed as fragmented, visually elusive or fleeting. At the heart of this matter, is the desire to articulate a material language for sculpture in the most expanded sense. Black Sun is an eventual depiction of sculpture as a composite of parts contextually bound to one another, whose meaning is contingent to the encounter and the architectural elements of the given space.

About the Artist
Ellen Schafer (b. New York City, USA 1985) is an American artist currently living and working in Copenhagen. A recent graduate from the Glasgow School of Art in 2012, this is Ellen's first show in Copenhagen. Recent exhibitions include The New Firm at London's Candid Arts Center. She is currently a member of the exhibition committee at OK Corral.

About OK Corral
OK Corral is an artist run project space and studio community of the same name housed in the Red Warehouse, a former workshop building in Carlsberg City, Copenhagen. The breadth of the OK Corrals interdisciplinary projects range from solo and group exhibitions with national and international artists, open university to cooperation with local and international artist-run spaces.

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