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Claesgatan 14 , Malmö

Onsdag - torsdag 14-18, fredag 11-16, lördag - söndag 12-15

Beyond the Blue River

Arnis Balcus

08.08.2015 - 13.09.2015


Cultural nationalism strives to create and maintain visible borders between the insiders and aliens. The Latvian town and regional community Zilupe (Blue River) shows us the simultaneous presence and absence of the boundary. Situated in the east of Latvia, Zilupe borders to Russia and Belarus. Individuals of several ethnic origins live in this rural region, but Russians make up more than 50 percent of its population. In reality in the Zilupe region the border between Latvia and Russia exists only on the topographic map. The everyday life attests to a mixture of cultures: inscriptions in the Latin alphabet alternate with ones in Cyrillic; EU subsidized food packages are consumed alongside with the smuggled goods from Russia. Ethnic, linguistic and cultural difference makes Zilupe a liminal place, a constant source of fear recently elevated by Latvian media to a spectre of the Ukranian region Donbass.

Arnis Balcus is interested in the construction of myths and actual facts, that characterizes the community of Zilupe and Latvia in general. Beyond the Blue River is partly an exploration of a visual culture in a region in which culture transgresses the legal border. Balcus portrays the Zilupe using his own photographs, newspaper images, objects and photographs found in archives and museums.

Arnis Balcus works in Riga, Latvia. He graduated from University of Westminster, London, with a master degree in photographic studies. Balcus has exhibited at various art galleries and museums in Europe, such as Mark Rothko art centre in Daugavpils, Street Level Photoworks in Glasgow and Overgaden in Copenhagen.


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