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Martin Asbæk Gallery

Bredgade 23, 1260 København K

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Berta Fischer

28.04.2012 - 26.05.2012


Abstract, light Plexiglas sculptures in fluorescent colours light up Martin Asbæk Gallery's classic white spaces. The bright, luminescent colours yellow, blue, red, green or orange fill the space with a magical light which, when the natural light catches the sharp edges of the sculptures, makes the colours explode and new lines emerge around the space.

Although her collaboration with the gallery can be traced back to 2005, this is only the German artist Berta Fischer's second solo exhibition at the gallery. The works have all been created specifically for the exhibition and range from small wall objects to a fossil that extends two meters up the wall and spreads out like a tree reaching for the light.

Fischer's work is related to the type of abstraction that revolves around reducing the work to the sum of material and form on the basis of a poetic sensibility. For this artist the result is works that are full of presence, and where light and motion are central.

The inspiration for the transparent sculptures can be found in the artists' movement Abstraction-Création, which had its origins in the Paris of the 1930s, when the dominant tendencies in the group were Concrete Art, Neoplasticism and Constructivism. In particular inspiration can be found in Naum Gabo, who was a pioneer of kinetic works, his brother Antoine Pevsner's twisted sculptures, and the late perspex works of Georges Vantongerloo. The interesting things about these artists are their work with transparent materials, their inno¬va¬tive thinking and their treatment of the classic idea of a sculpture.

Berta Fischer (b. 1973) is a German artist acknowledged for her work with sculptures carved in transparent acrylic glass or pure PVC film, bent and folded by means of heat, which immediately capture the gaze of the viewer. Throughout recent years Fischer has exhibited all over the world in galleries and museums and at a number of prestigious international art fairs. Today her works are represented in several public as well as private art collections.

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