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Udstillingsstedet TYS

Studiestræde 13B, 1455 København K

Onsdag – fredag kl. 13-18 og lørdag kl. 13-16


Daniella Valz Gen

25.09.2014 -

The artist invites you to join her in an exploration of colour, taste, sound, collectivity and root vegetables. - Through performance, text and material Valz Gen's works investigates subjectivity, agency and appropriation. Much of her works is centred in the ritual, through which she addresses material culture, animism and the collective subconscious as well as the collapse between art and life.

Daniella Valz Gen is a Peruvian London based artist/curator, with a degree in Fine Arts from Goldsmiths College, London. A strong and sensitive expression is characteristic for Valz Gen's performances, which have been exhibited in many different contexts, such as London Art Fair, ICA, The Freud Museum, Vitrine Gallery, New Gallery as well as in alternative art spaces, public squares and in collaboration with art collectives.

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