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Annual Reportt

Åboulevard 44, 2200 København N

TLF: +45 2858 3418

WEB: annualreportt.com

Døgnet rundt

Be Right Back

Felix Salut

14.10.2017 - 14.11.2017


The exhibition is centered around the Galapagos game invented by Felix Salut. The game was used as a prop for his 2014 short film Shut Up I’m Counting of which the script turned book, published by Spector Books, was awarded the Walter Tiemann Prize the same year. The game consists of 45 stones (100% Polyester, each 7,5cm x 7,5cm x 1,5 cm). It features 9 basic graphic elements to be combined in numerous ways, pointing towards both basic graphical composition and typographical constructions, conjuring associations to a gamified language. Visitors are invited to interact and play with the game during the period of the exhibition. These interactions will be documented and subsequently turned into a new format/edition as a collaboration between Felix Salut and Annual Reportt.

Additionally, the exhibition will feature a selection of works by Felix Salut which places themselves in the conceptual periphery of the Galapagos game, including the script turned book for Shut Up I’m Counting. These items will be for sale during the period of the exhibition.

Galapagos Typeface

The Galapagos game has been redeveloped into a typeface in collaboration with Swiss typefoundry Dinamo. For the Galapagos Typeface, Felix Salut and Dinamo composed the same 9 modules into 7 alphabets of different styles: Rounded, Straight, Angular and their crossings Rounded-Straight, Straight-Angular, Rounded Angular and Rounded-Straight-Angular. The result is a total of 70 individual typefaces: each style comes in 5 weights, with Grid and No-Grid versions. Using Stylistic Sets, all characters can be moved up and down along the vertical grid.

Just as the Galapagos Islands are home to a vast number of unique species, the Galapagos Typeface encompasses a range of characters whose forms evolve from one another.


Felix Salut

Felix Salut (formely known as Felix Weigand) is a German graphic designer based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. In 2014 he founded Studio Felix Salut with the idea of a studio practice that embraces study and experiment. With typography as a core, works find form in graphic design but also in fashion, film and objects. Felix Salut teaches on a regular basis at ENSBA Lyon and Gerrit Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam.

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