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Gallery Poulsen

Staldgade 32, 1699 København V

MAIL: info@gallerypoulsen.com

TLF: +45 4015 5588

WEB: gallerypoulsen.com

Onsdag - fredag 12-17.30, lørdag 12-16

Battles Without Honor and Humanity

Mu Pan

14.01.2018 - 16.02.2018


Historical conflicts and gory sovereignty are on the agenda when we rip open 2018 with a retrospective solo show by the furiously skilled Chinese-American artist, Mu Pan, and his bestial world of terrifying battlefields.

A massive battlefield of bloodshed between fictional characters, historical warlords and American armies spreads over the four-meter canvas in the absolute greatest work of the exhibition. Mu Pan has borrowed the title of both the artwork and the exhibition from the Japanese film director Kinji Fukasaku’s film chronicles from the 1970s, depicting defeated WWII troops who cynically occupy Hiroshima's underworld in the post-war era of Japan. The films became known for their ultra-violent and vivid documentary style - lucid traits that are not difficult to spot in Mu Pan’s equally brutal and sharply designed masterpieces.

Bloody portraits of fallen anti-heroes and meter-long scenery of gloomy political satire, wrapped in iconic symbols, completely knock us off our feet us as we venture into Mu Pan’s battlefield. As a macabre storyteller, he does not hold anything back as he brutally and mercilessly illustrates the slain soldiers from a great historical reign of war, collapsed and left to nothing, unless they have already succumb to the sword of the enemy.

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