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Galleri KHM2

Bergsgatan 29, 203 11 Malmö

Onsdag - fredag 12-18, lørdag - søndag 12-16

At that moment

Carl-Oskar Jonsson

13.04.2019 - 27.04.2019


Don't we all love to make up stories? A series of watercolors present images of people running. It feels quite natural to project before and after onto these protagonists and antagonists. Their actions seem important even if they are just about catching a bus or a train. Besides that, we all know how it feels like to be late or behind time. It can be really tough on you, or somebody else...

Meanwhile, a series of what looks like blank canvases almost disappears on the gallery's walls. The canvases are in fact not canvases but renovated signs. Advertising agencies and sign shops use this procedure to recycle and reuse old and misprinted signs where they dress up the old surfaces with a white film (which the professionals calls ”neutral”) to be able to print again and again on these already used plates. Through the so-called new surface, it is still vaguely possible to see the messages the signs once conveyed. At one point there was a plan to paint the signs but in the end, it seemed better to let the watercolors do the main work of supporting the exhibition. 

Then there are some monochrome paintings, or windows and a door depending on your ability to imagine. If imagination isn't your strongest side you can read the accompanying story put on top of everything. It's about a fictional painter. 

The street numbers are something extra, collected through eBay and Tradera.

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