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Malmö Konsthall

S:t Johannesgatan 1, 200 10 Malmö

MAIL: info.konsthall@malmo.se

TLF: +46 40-34 12 86

WEB: konsthall.malmo.se

Alle dage 11-17, Onsdag 11-21

Art is free

20.11.2015 - 06.12.2015


Art is free is a joint venture between Malmö Konsthall and five elementary schools around the city. The classes were inspired by Joan Jonas’s exhibition Light Time Tales at Malmö Konsthall, and their works are shown on the square outside of Malmö Konsthall’s main entrance until December 6. The exhibition continues on Instagram #konstenärfri.

Welcome to the opening at Konsthallstorget on Thursday 19 November at 9 – 11 a.m. with a performance at 10 a.m. 

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