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Købmagergade 52A, 1150 København K

TLF: +45 3373 0373

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Mandag-lørdag 10-17, søndag 12-17

Ars Memoria

Helene Nymann

26.08.2017 - 24.09.2017


SixtyEight Art Institute works with different local institutional partners on creating exhibitions with artistic talents. This exhibition is curated by SixtyEight Art Institutes curator Iben Bach Elmstrøm and shows Helene Nymann works in a new institutional context developed site-specifically for The Roundtower

We warmly welcome you to the opening of the solo exhibition Ars Memoria by artist Helene Nymann.

Ars Memoria presents a newly produced art installation by Danish artist Helene Nymann, which has been made specifically for the Round Tower’s Old Science Library Hall. The exhibited works invoke aesthetic reflections on visuality and the phenomenal capacities of our memory by experimenting with associative thinking, memory impressions, and the potential of our mind through ancient ideas of the Art of Memory.

Today, large parts of our memory are externalized into various digital storage channels and images flow at high speeds through our perception, only fleetingly scratching the surface of our minds. Our memory is continuously challenged by new technologies and as we have come to trust their functions, we simultaneously abandon our own attention, which is vital for forming strong memories. This leads us to ask, how do we claim back our imaginative and associative memory?

Helene Nymann’s artworks seeks to reclaim the potential of images through choreography and visual association. By revitalising ancient memory techniques, the artworks present phantom formations and transient sculptural forms that point to our inner cognitive motors for memory-making. By activating our memory, the works experiment with ways of expanding memorisation and openly practicing ‘active thinking.‘ This method functions through different kinds of ‘inner writings’ that anchor the objects of knowledge in the mind and is known for transforming the way we perceive the external world.

The exhibition Ars Memoria operates between the pasts and futures of the development of memory and is inspired the Italian philosopher, poet, and cosmologist Giordano Bruno, who was one of the most original and free thinkers of the Renaissance. His theories and ideas, which included the notion of an infinite universe, anticipated modern science. Giordano Bruno was also a strong believer in mnemonic techniques, which he believed could enable him to reach higher truths.

The exhibition Ars Memoria is about our memory's fragile state, but also about how to activate its potential in a technological world. It presents a set of contemporary art works and memes to gather new readings on the possibilities found in ancient knowledge.

Curated by Iben Bach Elmstrøm

Ars Memoria is kindly supported by The Danish Art Foundation, The Round Tower, and Vester Kopi. The artist would like to express her sincerely gratitude to the many people who helped make this exhibition possible, especially Anne Mette Fisker Langkjaer, Jeppe Brix Sørensen, Lily Benson, Adam Ryde, Magnus Pind, Ida Elisabeth Jensen, Christopher Sand Iversen, and Nikolaj Kunsthal.

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