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(57) #Passion / But With What Protein? [Straining Collection]

Amy Pettifer, Jennifer Boyd

02.06.2018 - 30.06.2018


June will be the beginning of a 6 month long collaboration between ilyd and the London based sound curator collective SHELL LIKE.

SHELL LIKE is a collaboration between writers Amy Pettifer and Jennifer Boyd, taking the form of listening events featuring both existing and newly commissioned audio work by UK and international artists and writers. These events comprise one-hour-long programmes, curated in response to a theme and to be experienced in the surrounds of an exhibition or conceived environment. SHELL LIKE creates a dedicated space for sound work and focuses on the importance of listening - particularly as a group - as a vital social and political act. Past SHELL LIKE events have taken place at Guest Projects and Artsadmin in London, and Sidney Cooper Gallery in Canterbury. Their fourth event will be at LUX, London in September 2018. SHELL LIKE have worked with artists and writers including Tai Shani, Heather Phillipson, Larry Achiampong, Caroline Bergvall, Diana Policarpo, Evan Ifekoya and Grace Schwindt. 

From its beginning, SHELL LIKE has been concerned with how text might exist outside the bounds of conventional publishing. In response to ilyd’s foregrounding of early sound works by visual artists, SHELL LIKE will use their takeover to present a series of audio works by writers which, in many cases, are their first experiments with the medium. Confirmed for the programme (running from June - November 2018) are Amy Pettifer, Jennifer Boyd, Nisha Ramayya, Octavia Bright and Alex Borkowski, with more soon to be confirmed. 

The curators behind SHELL-LIKE will be showing work together for the first time, setting the tone for their take-over of ilyd. Until November 2018 the programmed artists will be their invitation, sharing many similar interests and concerns with ilyd. We are excited to have them with us.

(57) #Passion, (2016) by Amy Pettifer

(57) #Passion imagines how social media might radically alter future understanding of emotional and linguistic nuance, thanks to the blunt simplicity of its taxonomies. When gathered, trawler net style, grand declarations and delicate introspections become jumbled with motivational jargon and empty mantra. Some find new, tender significance in the polyphonic soup, while others remain stuck in the throat. 

Amy Pettifer is a writer whose work encompasses collaborative, site specific and non-book writing with an emphasis on experimental criticism and an interest in the way that personal history, music, the internet and the concept of love influence narratives of contemporary feminism. Her writing has been published by Shoppinghour, Information As Material, Artsadmin, The Quietus and Tate. A new text and audio work O will feature in the book and exhibition project Windswept Baby launching at Victoria & Albert Museum, London in June 2018. 

But With What Protein? [Straining Collection], (2018) by Jennifer Boyd

But With What Protein? is part of a collection of audio works which take influence from Karen Barad’s writing on self touch as an encounter with the infinite alterity of the self. Here, the voice speaks from an unlocalised void; the heady juxtaposition of language and sensation becoming almost overwhelming - a narcotic, textural swoon.

Jennifer Boyd is a writer working in text and sound. Often working with concept-engineering, image-writing and surreal/cartoonic physics, interests include emancipatory sensations, the physicality of language and toxic vocalities. Published by After Us, SALT. and Afterall. Recently released A Theory for the Strange-Girl: Raw Red Text with COUNTRY MUSIC and was the writer for a duo of books, Skinned and Detouched by artist Alice Channer, published by Eastside Projects and Motto Books.

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