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Hans Alf Gallery

Holbergsgade 8, 1057 København K

MAIL: info@hansalf.com

TLF: +45 3316 2232

WEB: hansalf.com

Tirsdag-fredag 13-18, lørdag 12-15

1 + 1

Anders Brinch, Philip Grözinger, Anders SCRMN Meisner, Lina Hashim, Balder Olrik, Mical Noelson, Christian Lemmerz, Norbert Tadeusz, Erik A. Frandsen, Hans Richter, Frank Fischer, Céline Thiry, Fredrik Raddum, Vanna Bowles, Henrik Saxgren, Gudrun Hasle, Jørgen Haugen Sørensen, Armen Agop, Louise Hindsgavl, Signe Jaïs, Morten Schelde, Hans Peterson, Natasha Kissell, Peter Harrap, Per Morten Abrahamsen, Josef Zlamal, René Holm, Claas Gutsche, Russell Nachman, Per Billgren

26.11.2016 - 22.12.2016



In the penultimate show of 2016, we have asked each of the 15 artists represented by the gallery to invite a fellow artist; an old friend, a new acquaintance, someone they admire and respect, or someone they've never met. There are no restrictions aside from this: Each pair has to come up with two same-sized works - one each - to be displayed side-by-side in the show.

It's a simple concept, really, but ever so often overwhelming ends are sparked by simple ideas.

The actual collaboration between individualists is the thrust of the show. How will our artists interpret the assignment? Will pairs mimic each other and their pieces converge? Will convergence become unity and ultimately mutate into a joint work? Or will egos triumph and works inevitably grow out of scale? Maybe some will even feel compelled to do something completely different?

We're still waiting for the final deliveries to be made, tiles to be glued and canvasses to be mounted, but as works for the show slowly continue to arrive in the gallery, we think it's safe to say that a truly spectacular melange awaits its audience.

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